The Lone Star

When was the moment that the road became

a sea so broad and long and unfair,

that it seems there is no road ahead,

but I’m actually lost on there?


I’m in the middle of nowhere,

listening to parables from a strange farmer.

I’m someone somewhere, full of useless flair,

and you are a voice farther and farther.


I sincerely hope that the lone star

can guide me henceforth.

You made me look for, it’s true,

but without finding the path.


I don’t need your love anymore,

believe me, you know I´m a damn dreamer.

I can recall the light of your eyes,

your feet floating on the river,

and your hair in the air.


But what I need is more than that.

I need you, entirely you, no splits.

Your voice is not enough anymore and

your memory, sorry I’m saying this,

is just a memory now.



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